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May 24, 2020  

Conversation with Jonathan Heath, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Mexico

Deputy Governor Bank of Mexico lays out some of the major challenges Mexico´s economy will face once the #Covid19 restrictions are lifted in Mexico. Jonathan Heath, subgobernador del Banco de México, considera que el repunte de la inflación a nivel global será una incógnita.

July 20, 2018  

Stephan Selig, former undersecretary at the Departamento of Commerce

If you’ve been following the news, there was an statement made by President Donald Trump where he basically said something like this: that he had ‘clicked’ with the new President Elect, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and that President Donald Trump is interested in negociating what sounds like a bilateral trade agreement with Mexico. Of course there has been very interesting reactions in Mexico to this proposal. The secretary of economy, Ildefonso Guajardo cameo out and basically stated that no, Mexico Will continue to renegotiate NAFTA with the Canadians and United States. There is a questionmark in terms as to where this proposal is going. Top ut into context what this proposal means and reallisticaly what are the posibilities of NAFTA surviving this stage or. Joining us today is Stephan Selig, former undersecretary of commerce for International Trade at the U.S. Departamento of Commerce for the later years of Barack Obama’s Presidency, from 2014 to 2016.

July 11, 2018  

Gabriel Casillas talks about how AMLO would deal with the present comercial war and the future of NAFTA

We have been following very closely of course the position taken by President elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador in regards to this meeting he had with the business community in the last few days.There is two really big issues that have to do with Mexico and it’s ability to do commerce around the world, and it has to do with tariffs, as you know there is a tariffs war around the world, a comercial war taking place and how that potencially affect the future renegotiation of NAFTA. To talk about these issues is with us Gabriel Casillas, Chief Economist for Banorte.

July 6, 2018  

Interview with AMLO´s former campaign manager and transition team leader Tatiana Clouthier

Tatiana Clouthier is the former campaign manager for the candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, now President elect and Tatiana is part of the transition team on political matters.

July 5, 2018  

Paco Abundis: A big part of MORENA’s support has to do with a rejection against the President Enrique Pena Nieto

Some of the mayor that may have been key in terms of turning the mexican voter against the President Enrique peña Nieto. When we talk about the support Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador recieved. Are we assuming that a big part of this support has to do with a rejection against the President Enrique Pena Nieto? Are we talking about the political party system in general? It is overwhelming the support MORENA recieved this weekend, not only in presidential elections buta round the country. To answer these questions we have again Francisco Abundis from Parametria.

July 5, 2018  

Paco Abundis talk about the historical electoral process in Mexico

Last Sunday was extraordinary for Mexico. Because there was an historical election and a historical process. These of course has been reflected in the headlines, not only here in Mexico but around the world. Top ut into context what happened on Sunday, we have Francisco Abundis from Parametria.

June 26, 2018  

Francisco Abundis from Parametria What to expect on July 1st; election day in Mexico

Francisco Abundis, from Parametría, tells us what to expecto on July 1st, the election day in Mexico

June 20, 2018  

Alejandro Aurrecochea from Integralia. Few days before the elections in Mexico

Literally days away from the elections in Mexico, as you know, the Wednesday before the elections day, Wednesday evening at midnight there will be no campaigne, so there is very few days left and of course we’ve been following this literally for the las two years, so I really apreciate again Alejandro Aurrecochea from integralia joining us to talk about the days previous to the elections.

June 19, 2018  

Eric Martin, correspondent for Bloomberg in Mexico. Elections and NAFTA

Eric Martin, correspondent for Bloomberg in Mexico follows the elections and the NAFTA negotiations

June 19, 2018  

Jose Medina Mora, Vice President of COPARMEX talks about thr new Fiscal General

One of the big reforms that are taking place right now an was vote don during this administration has to do with the creation of this “Fiscal General”. It is the Attorney general’s office, but in reallity the Fiscal General is suposed to be more independent tan the General Prosecutor. Those are at least some of the characteristics of the inicial drafting in constitutional reforms. Anyway, the partys have been unable to reach an agreement between candidates and I ran into a senator the other day and he expressed concern that the two appointments that have now been made during the summer time has to do with: 1., The new Fiscal general and 2., Th especial prosecutor for aanticorruption cases, but, in many ways dependo n the Fiscal General. To talk about an innovative and very different proposal I have on the line Jose Medina Mora, National Vice President of Structural Strenghtening of Coparmex.

June 8, 2018  

Jorge Lara Ayotzinapa Truth Commission

A very controversial decision that came from a court in Tamaulipas which basically says that the Mexican Government has to create a truth commision in order to figure out what happened to the 43 Ayotzinapa students. To talk about this we are glad to present Jorge Lara, he is former deputy attorney general at the PGR.

June 5, 2018  

Eric Martin #AMLO adds up important supporters

Eric Martin, correspondent from Bloomberg Mexico talks about an article published by Bloomberg about presidencial candidate, Andres Manuel López Obrador ensuring Guillero Ortiz as his suporter. Let’s not forget that Guillermo Ortiz helped Mexico during the Tequila Crisis.

June 5, 2018  

Interview with Sergio Negrete @econokafka : Mexican peso on a Free Fall

The Mexican peso is on a free fall and there is varios reasons for this depreciation but some of them, we just asume that is for the posible outcome of the elections. To talk about this subject is Sergio Negrete, profesor at the ITESO Guadalajara

May 31, 2018  

Money Under the Table. New report from Integralia shows how dirty money gets to the electoral campaigns

The report 'Money under the table: Financing and illegal spending of political campaigns in Mexico' is presented. It is a study coordinated by María Amparo Casar, executive president of Mexicanos Against Corruption and Impunity, and Luis Carlos Ugalde, general director of Integralia Consultores, with research support from Ximena Mata Zenteno and Leonardo Núñez González.

May 24, 2018  

Analysis of José Antonio Caballero, researcher at the (CIDE) the NESTORA SALGADO case

Analysis of José Antonio Caballero, researcher at the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE) the NESTORA SALGADO case and possible impact on the presidential elections in Mexico.

May 17, 2018  

The Second Presidential Debate with Gustavo López Montiel

The Second Presidential Debate Will take place this Sunday May 20th at the City of Tijuana at 21:30 Mexico City Time. There are two very interesting things here: at this debate, Margarita Zavala Will not be present because, as you know, she declined her independent candidacy. The other part of this is that the debate Will be centered in the issues of trade, investment and migration. To talk about this we have as guest Professor Gustavo Lopez Montiel, from the TEC de Monterrey.

April 30, 2018  

Interview with Salim Nayar, director of the movie Beginners Guide to the Presidency

Begginers Guide to the Presidency is a movie about an idealistic Governor who seeks the Presidency. He soon realizes that the truth and good deeds don't sell well to the media. As he struggles to gain visibility, three women will help him reach his goal - at a price.

April 27, 2018  

weekly news summary by Ana Maria Salazar April 23rd to 27th. 2018

The weekly summary of the most important news in Mexico by Ana Maria Salazar

April 27, 2018  

Resumen Semanal en Español 27 de abril 2018 Ana María Salazar

Ana María Salazar nos da el resumen de las noticias más importantes de la semana del 23 al 27 de abril del 2018

April 27, 2018  

Entérate de qué lugar tendrá la Ley de Amnistía en la estrategia de Seguridad de AMLO, con Tatiana Clouthier

Tatiana Clouthier, coordinadora de Campaña de Andrés Manuel López Obrador, nos explica qué es exactamente la amnistía propuesta por el candidato de MORENA y detalla que no es para perdonar a capos ni a funcionarios corruptos y que es sólo sería una parte de la estrategia integral de seguridad que implementaría AMLO para pacificar al país, de llegar a la presidencia.