Discussing the Mexican Health System with Rodolfo de la Torre

One of the issues we have been discussing through the years here on the show have to do with the status of Mexico’s Health System. This is a huge deal because through the years since I’ve been doing this show (2005) the Mexican Government has tried to provide universal healthcare services to the entire population. Any child born now automatically is supposed to have access to healthcare services and there is at least the intend to make sure that the poorest of the poor have access to at least basic healthcare. This is a huge endeavor, there is always going to be a question mark as to whether there is sufficient money to do these for these kinds of project or whether the money is being spent correctly and of course whether is actually making a difference in the Mexican population’s health. To talk about this, we have on the line Rodolfo de la Torre, he is the director of the Program of Social Development with Equity at the Centro de Estudios Espinosa Yglesias.


Former Mexico’s OECD ambassador Carlos Elizondo Mayer Serra talks about inequality in Mexico

The former Mexico’s ambassador at OECD, Carlos Elizondo Meyer Serra, presents his new book titled “Los de adelante corren mucho”, that talks about the inequality in Mexico and how the elites decide and mold history to ensure their power, wealth an impunity.


Mexico’s Ministry of Social Development, Jose Antonio Meade and the debate of wether or not the poverty have decreased in Mexico

One of the ministries who has one of the most important roles in terms of the improvement of the quality of life, specially of those mexicans who are in the poverty level is the Ministry of Social Development.

Ana Maria Salazar had on the line Mexico's Ministry of Social Development, Jose Antonio Meade. He's the former Secretary of Energy, Foreign Relations and Secretary of Finance.