Jose Medina Mora, Vice President of COPARMEX talks about thr new Fiscal General

One of the big reforms that are taking place right now an was vote don during this administration has to do with the creation of this “Fiscal General”. It is the Attorney general’s office, but in reallity the Fiscal General is suposed to be more independent tan the General Prosecutor. Those are at least some of the characteristics of the inicial drafting in constitutional reforms. Anyway, the partys have been unable to reach an agreement between candidates and I ran into a senator the other day and he expressed concern that the two appointments that have now been made during the summer time has to do with: 1., The new Fiscal general and 2., Th especial prosecutor for aanticorruption cases, but, in many ways dependo n the Fiscal General. To talk about an innovative and very different proposal I have on the line Jose Medina Mora, National Vice President of Structural Strenghtening of Coparmex.


Francisco Gil Díaz: TELECOM Bill

Francisco Gil Díaz (born on 2 September 1943 in Mexico City) is a Mexican economist who served as Secretary of Finance in the cabinet of President Vicente Fox and currently serves as regional chairman of Telefónica for Mexico and Central America.