Interview with Chris Vickery, discovered massive breach of Mexican Voter Data

Ana María Salazar interviewed Chris Vickery, MacKeeper Security Researcher, an expert who discovered a publicly accessible database, hosted on an Amazon cloud server, containing  93.4 million downloaded voter registration records—the Mexican voter database.

He describes the problems he had reporting to authorities about this breach including US State Department, DHS, the Mexican Embassy, Mexico´s National Electoral Institute (INE), and Amazon. The database was finally taken offline April 22nd, 2016.

New Trends and New Threats with technology expert John Harrison

Talking about the new threats in computer security with the expert John Harrison

john Harrison is

Group Product Manager, Endpoint Threat Protection, Security Technology and Response

As the Group Product Manager for Endpoint Threat Protection, Security Technology and Response, at Symantec, John Harrison leads the development of threat solutions for the Symantec Enterprise Endpoint and Norton Consumer client products.

Harrison is an expert in Web-based threats, such as drive-by downloads and malware associated with misleading applications, as well as mobile malware, the online underground economy and the general Internet security threat landscape. He is a member of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and FBI Infragard. Harrison regularly serves as an official Symantec spokesperson in the media and with customers on all aspects of computer security.

He has been at Symantec for nine years and has held various positions within the company centered on Symantec’s Endpoint Threat Protection, Intrusion Prevention Appliances and Honeypot solutions. Prior to joining Symantec, Harrison worked in product management at 3Com, Imperito Networks and National Semiconductor. He also worked in the Mac OS QA team and IT at Apple Computer.

Harrison received his MBA from St. Mary’s College and his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin.


Tyson Macaulay Interview

New trends in innovation


Alvaro Rattinger Interview

The technology expert and director of the magazine Merca 2.0 Alvaro Rattinger talks about improving Mexico's education.